Dentist Falls Church

Going for a dental treatment is usually something most people don’t look forward to. It is always an appointment we would rather avoid than attend. Among all health practitioners, dentists are the most feared. Many people have been scared of dental practitioners since they were young. Due to this fear, most people stick with their family dentist for years, even though he sometimes doesn’t provide them the best possible treatment. It is possible to find a dentist Falls Church that you can trust and rely on. If you still don’t have a regular dental practitioner, it is time to get one. Also, if you are moving to a new place and need to find a reliable local dentist, we recommend Nova Dental Studio in Falls Church, VA.

Locating a Reliable Dentist

Instead of doing an online search, try locating a nearby dental school. Dental schools are good sources of fine practicing dentists, and you can easily ask around for the names of the practicing faculty members. Relying on online results is not safe because these results can be faked. The best way to locate a quality dental care provider is to rely on word of mouth.


If you didn’t have any luck finding a dental school, check hospitals and health care centers that provide dental services in your area. You may find good recommendations there because the dentist in charge may very well know the reputations of his colleagues practicing in the area. If you know an orthodontist or a periodontist, you could ask them for a referral. They will certainly recommend you a good general practitioner because they are thoroughly familiar with the kind of work referring general dentists do. If you have moved to another place, maybe your old dentist knows someone good in your new location.

Qualities of a Good Dental Practitioner

Once you have find the professional you were looking for, make sure he or she accept new patients. Some dentists are pretty booked, and in the times when you need the most, they can’t come to your aid. Also, make sure you check their payment options and insurance acceptance. Your first visit and preventive examination should be free. More important, on your first visit, the dentist should perform a thorough medical and dental examination and check your dental history. Preventive examination also includes doing a head and neck exam that is usually done in every six months. Next, your dental care provider should have adequate knowledge on how to take care of your teeth is you have some specific needs, such as wearing braces. Preventive measures must be taken even if all your teeth are healthy. This is the only way you can fight cavities and other dental problems.

Your dentist must invite you to regular check-ups. These routine examinations should be done after every six months. Regular checkups are the only way to ensure a dental problem is not left unattended. After every five years, it is desirable to do a full series of x-rays to ensure there aren’t any underlying problems. Your dentist must have a clean dental office and he should practice proper care against infection. He or she should always wear rubber gloves and a mask when treating patients.